June 02, 2015

But why, mommy?

I mentioned before that we have hit the "why" stage.  And boy have we hit it big.  The boys want to know everything.  And, unfortunately - much to your surprise I'm sure, I don't know everything.  It seems like, now, I actually know very few things due to the number of 'why's I actually don't know the answer to.

Most times our conversations go something like this:

Me: Holt, don't swing your fork around.  It either goes in your mouth or on your plate.
Holt: But why, Mom?
Me: Because it's sharp and I don't want you to hurt yourself or anyone else.
Holt: But why's it sharp, Mom?
Me: So you can pick up food with it and eat the food.
Holt: But why do we do that, Mom?

It's not that fun of a conversation.  It usually ends with, 'Because I said so!' and then everyone's quiet.

It is frustrating to no end.  There are so many times that I have to remind myself that they are not judging my decisions, just curious as to why I made them.  Three year olds can sound judge-y.  Just sayin.


I just read this today. And I'm not saying that it's magic.  But I did try it at dinner tonight.  And it was magical.

So, the short of it is...instead of answering the questioning child with one thought sentences - see above - take 15 seconds and say as much as you know about the why question.

Take tonight, we were eating ice cream (a glorious decision by Husband to pick some up after picking up the boys from school).  It was ice cream is.


Holt: Mommy, it's cold!
Me: That's right, ice cream is cold.
Holt: But why is it cold, Mommy?
Me: Because ice cream is made of sugar and milk and chocolate and other yummy things and those things are all mixed together and put in a cup and put in the freezer so they get nice and cold and stay together so you can eat it with a spoon.  (it was as much as I knew and I was praying that it would be enough for him).
Holt: no words just a big smile on his face

And SCENE!!!


That ish completely worked.  Seeing as I've done it once and was successful, I am positive that it will work every time.  No need to slip on my headphones in the car when the boys are on a tear anymore (please please please let that be true).

Shew!  Glad that phase is over :).

Don't worry.  I've since given Win a hair cut.