September 19, 2014

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Be Sexy, But Not Too Sexy | Semiproper
"Women are supposed to be sexy; women are supposed to age flawlessly; women can’t gain too much weight nor lose too much, either. In religious circles, it may get even more complicated. Women are supposed to be attractive, but not too attractive, but definitely not frumpy. Good luck finding a balance where you’re neither chastised nor pitied."

We Need to Talk About Women Who Regret Motherhood  |  Jezebel
"That's the thing about parenting, though: Ain't nobody can tell you what it's gonna be like. You can get yourself all psyched up for it, and still get thrown curveballs. You can be madly in love with the person you've made and quite literally ready to die for them. But the early shit, when you're in the trenches, can feel like swimming in shit at the bottom of a deep well. Of shit. That's just how it is, and there is no point in pretending otherwise. There is even a kind of beauty to figuring this out."

Vase VS Planter: A Ceramic Head Struggle | Wills Casa

Ken Follett's latest book in the Century Trilogy has come out and it has arrived in the Perry household. I am so excited. I recently listened to an episode of The Gist in which Mike Pesca interviewed Ken Follett and they talked about how even though all media is going in the direction of shorter and zing-ier (my word), Follett's books are over 1000 pages and are still super relevant. I couldn't agree more. I have to wait for Husband to read it first. In the meantime, I'll finish Brilliance by Markus Sakay and read the second book in that trilogy A Better World.

Passing it On | Daddy Doin' Work
"I want to teach my boys to use positive language when talking to themselves. Oftentimes I hear people talk to themselves more harshly than they would ever talk to another person. It is important to avoid negative self talk. Saying things like, ‘I can do this’, ‘I am worth this’, ‘I deserve this success’, ‘I have earned this’, are all reasonable things to say that will keep ourselves focused in the moment. One can always blame how they respond to negativity on outside forces –- fate, experiences, parents, relationships –- but have never really stopped to think that they have a choice in the matter."

This is the best thing I've watched all week.  

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