August 15, 2014

Running and an update on Holt

Last Saturday, August 2nd, was the one year anniversary of Holt being discharged from the hospital after being diagnosed with GBS.  And it was also their half-birthday.  We celebrated by sending them to my parents' for the weekend :).

I am so happy to report that he is fantastic. Just this past week, he walked up two stairs without requiring any help from anything. He just used his legs. That is pretty fantastic. 

His run has gotten faster and more organized (if that makes sense) and he is getting more confident every day.  He can jump multiple times in a row and is dancing up a storm.

Recently I took him to see a physical therapist just to make sure that everything is on track.  And it is.

I realize this is pretty boring news.  But good news is boring news and I will take that any day over any kind of other news.

Life goes on in the most beautiful and mundane ways. 

And that is pretty fantastic.

Excuse the poor quality, but this is Sunday on the beach.

Look at that run!

Holt running from Heather Perry on Vimeo.

Elephants from Heather Perry on Vimeo.


  1. Fantastic news!! Not boring at all. So glad to hear all is well!

  2. So happy to hear things are look good for Holt! YAY! Also, super cute videos. :) Miss you!