July 25, 2014

this summer

You've been seeing a lot of pictures of the kids in my 52portraits series, but here are a few more views through our window this summer. 

CHEERS:  Husband and I have been watching Cheers lately on Netflix and it's been freaking fantastic.  This all got started after our XBOX one shorted out not one, but TWO, cable boxes and we lost our entire DVR (it included the ENTIRE SEASON of The Americans, a few old episodes of Hell on Wheels, SYTYCD, the Real Housewives of Orange County (no, I'm not ashamed), Ladies of London (ok, I'm a little ashamed) and - most importantly - "ANMALS!" (Ice Age)). So we ended up buying all four of the Ice Ages which seem better and better the more we watch them - kind of like how beer goggles work. We also started watching Cheers. It's amazing that there was a time when jokes about getting laid and Russian Literature could exist in the same thought. But there was and it was awesome. And, for the most part, the jokes are still funny and translate well 30 years later. We just made it through the first season and I'm so happy there are 10 more. 

The Friendly Market: our farmers market is called the Friendly Market. That alone makes it rad. We've been going pretty much once a week to get fresh fruit and veggies and let the boys run around. It's a fantastic environment with super nice people to make sure you choose the most ripe and delicious food including a fantastic greek pasta salad, which brings me to... 

Picnic dinner: we have certain traditions about food in our family. We like pizza and margaritas on Friday nights. We like our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Zarape, with margaritas on Saturday nights. This summer, on Sundays, we've been having picnic dinner.  Basically, we take whatever is in our fridge + whatever we've gotten at the Friendly Market that weekend, spread it out on a tray and eat it.  Dinner usually includes carrots, hummus, pasta salad from the Friendly Market, sometimes chips and salsa, sometimes fruit, sometimes cheese and crackers.  It is fantastic.  And we try to keep it light so that we can have my new favorite thing ever...

Blueberry Pie:  This is also from fresh from the Friendly Market and OMG!!!!!!  It is SO GOOD.  Seriously, it may be my favorite dessert ever.  One "personal" sized pie with some vanilla bean gelato and Husband and I are good to go.  Seriously.  I cannot tell you how much I love this pie.

Moscato:  The first time Husband and I tried Moscato both of us kind of wanted to throw up.  It was sweet and syrup-y and neither of us are sweet or syrup-y wine drinkers.  But the next Moscato that we tried had this wonderful bubble-ly goodness at the end and now we can't stop drinking it.  It really is the perfect pairing with picnic dinner.

Superheroes:  I now have to come to terms with the fact that a lot of my conversations with my children will be filled with talk of superheroes.  We have superhero books and comic books and t-shirts and pajamas and dinnerware and underwear and on and on.  Recently, Husband bought the boys superhero backpacks.  And when he did, he filled them with blank notebooks, sheets of stickers, and their very own "special book" of page protected prints - of superheroes, of course - that he'd printed for them at their request.  These "prints" (a generous term) were beloved and slept with as if they were stuffed animals.  So now, all their precious prints are in one place and protected so that they can be looked at over and over again.  It was the greatest moment of all of their lives.  

Water:  We have been playing more at the beach and pool and sound and in sprinklers and splash parks than ever before.  We are actually able to DO stuff with the boys this summer and it has been fabulous.  Luckily they love the water.  Both of them have taken spills in large bodies of water where their heads were completely under and have come up coughing and laughing.  If only I could laugh while my blood pressure is 200/140. 

If you've made it this far, congratulations! You get a sticker!  Which brings me to the next big thing we've been doing this summer.

It's kind of gross, so sorry.

Poop:  We've been dealing with a lot of potty action this summer.  Win has been intermittently interested in not peeing and pooping on himself since before he was 2 (he's now two and a half and not completely potty trained, so don't be impressed).  His teacher at school has completely been spearheading the potty process and I will be forever grateful.  Yesterday I would have said that he was pretty much potty trained during the day....but today proves the more intermittent nature of potty training.  I am trying to keep a nonchalant attitude about the whole thing.  That's much easier said than done.  When I ask Holt if he wants to pee in the potty, he says, "I not ready, mommy".

Which brings me to the last thing:

SHORTER NAPS: I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow the boys naps have shortened to no more than one and a half hours and that is if we are LUCKY.  There are weekend days when one or both of them doesn't nap at all.  The absolute hardest part is getting them to go to sleep.  I'll sit in there to make sure they're actually trying to go to sleep instead of having a pillow fight and I could be in there for an hour with no results!  I have no I idea what to do about the situation. The worst part of all of it is that it's obvious they still need naps.  If we get to the end of the day and they haven't napped and you say one thing like "you can have more watermelon after you eat your chick'n" Win bursts into tears like you just burned his "blankey" and made him watch while we're decapitating his bear.  It is really that bad.  I always try to make sure I wear them out in the mornings so that there might be some sliver of a chance they sleep at nap time.  There are days when they look at me from their cribs with sh*t-eating grins, refusing to lay down, I get so mad and yell at them to LAYDOWNDONOTMAKEAPEEP! all I'm thinking is "Is this the last nap time?  It can't be over.

Which leads me to thinking that even though they look like little dudes now - and not babies anymore - once the nap goes, what else is next?  The poop jokes have started (lord give me strength) as well as the ginormous appetites of "growing boys".   Win even said he wanted his "OWN PHOWN" the other day, while sitting on the toilet. Who are these beings that used to be my toddlers?  

I will look back on this summer as the first summer that we could really do things as a normal family; as the summer we discovered Moscato; as the summer I fell in love with a tv show from the 80's that made me laugh harder than any show has in a long time.  I will, hopefully, NOT look back on this summer as the time when the boys decided to stop napping and take away that blissful few minutes of silence when I eat my lunch in peace and read a book in the sunshine.  I not ready, boys.  I not ready.

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