May 23, 2014

Putt Putt

The boys had been playing "golf" at home a lot recently.  And when I say golf, I actually mean that they've been putting play oranges and bouncy balls with play spatulas.  It's been pretty funny.

As I might have said before, in the first year or so of the boys lives we really didn't take them anywhere.  It all seemed way too overwhelming.  Recently, though, we've been stretching the boundaries of our normal farmer's market - Harris Teeter - Dollar Tree outings.

Saturday Husband and I took the boys to play putt putt.  There are many inconvenient aspects of living where we do (I hate living at the beach, wah wah. I know.), but something that's really awesome is that we live 1 mile down the road from a putt putt course - or miniature golf if I were to use the correct term, right Husband?

We kept super low expectations. We really didn't think that we'd make it all 18 holes.

 We lucked out with the weather - it was beautiful, breezy, and 72 degrees - it couldn't have been better.

We were blown away by how much fun we all had.  The boys played for free (BONUS!).  And we made it all 18 holes!  They would run up to the hole, drop their ball right beside it and putt it in.  

I took some video on my phone and have just experimented with the iphone imovie app.  It doesn't have as much control as I'd like over video, but for a video editing app, it's not bad.

After golf, we went home and played with bubbles and the boys took my nose.

Golf from Heather Perry on Vimeo.

Monday evening, as I was putting Holt down for the night, he whispered to me, "play more golf."
Me - "What sweetie?"
Holt (whispering) - "play more golf"

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