April 15, 2014

falling down and being picked up at starbucks

It was a rough morning.  As I've said before, I always feel like I'm in a rush.  And this particular morning was no different.  We were rushing around, late, grabbing lunches and getting dressed and making sure that no one was leaving the house with a poopy diaper.

I had on my new StitchFix pants (which I L.O.V.E.) and they're long (because I have short legs) so I was wearing my old faithful Nine West pointy toed high heels that I bought used when I worked at Plato's Closet.  I had thought to myself recently that my favorite black shoes, the ones I could wear to pull any outfit together, were getting old and nearing the end of their lives.  I've already had the toes refinished and new tips on the heels.

So, they're old, k?

We were walking out of the house, Husband with Holt and me with Win, my purse, my coffee, and the shoes.

I got down the first step of the outside steps and as I was taking the next step, the heel of those godforsaken shoes got caught on the step.  Because my hands were full, I had nothing to do but to fall.  Down the steps.  Onto concrete.  With Win in my arms.

I'll go ahead and say that we are all fine.  Nothing but bumps and bruises on me and Win was perfectly fine.

Once we were down there, he looked up at me and said "OUCH"!  It was actually kind of funny.

He was fine.  I went inside and cleaned myself up while Husband and the boys picked up the contents of my purse that had spilled outside.

This incident, of course, made us late.  And without going into excruciating detail, the drop-off at daycare much longer than usual.  The boys' rhythm was all off that morning and we had to make a few pitstops and "hellos" at daycare before I could actually drop them off in their actual classroom and leave.

At this point, I've got an hour to drive from daycare to work and I was SO LATE.  So, I thought....screw it.  I'm already late.  I'm going to Starbucks and getting a coffee (to replace the one I spilled) and something yummy for breakfast.

So I go through the drive-thru, make my order.  When I get to the window, the Starbucks woman tells me that the woman in front of me PAID FOR MY ORDER.  That thing that I've read about on the internet, heard on the news about people paying for other people's coffee orders, paying it forward, nice-ness, HAPPENED.  TO ME!  The thing that I thought only happened in areas with more people (I can't say why I thought that) happened in my tiny beach town, TO ME!

And then, I paid for the person's order behind me and we all stood in a circle and held hands and sang kum ba yah and all was right with the world.


  1. So awesome!!! That person in front was sent there just for you! So glad your morning turned this story.

  2. Too cute. <3 Miss you, lady.