March 14, 2014

Interesting Reads

I know a lot of people do a "Friday Links" post.  I don't usually.

But, this week, I've read some pretty great stuff online. So I'm sharing it.

I don't want to #banbossy.  But I will #affirmassertive.  Rage Against the Minivan

"Problem is, sometimes girls have leadership skills, and sometimes they are just being entitled or controlling or cruel. Not every girl who is behaving in a bossy way deserves an affirmation for leadership skills. If I catch my girls (or boys) ordering friends around, refusing to listen to the boundaries of others, or failing to consider how others feel as they act like a tyrant, they certainly won’t be getting an affirmation from me. Being pushy is not a leadership skill. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that “bossy” describes the behavior of most bullies."

The Cry for Help  Kincaid Parade

"My kids are perceptive. They ask me what’s wrong. They give hugs. In the loud places, I stonewalled. In the quiet places, I crumpled. I tried to think rationally through situations and describe my emotions, to take away their power. The only word I kept coming up with was rage. It was bright and blinding...I had crossed the line. I had become fixated on the something trivial to the detriment of my mood, my day, and my family. And this wasn’t the first time. But I knew it needed to be the last."

We're All Doing this Parenting Thing Right  Writing Chapter Three

"With all my ear-marked pages in natural childbirth and parenting books, I was surely setting myself up for a perfect life as a mom. If I played my cards right, my child could be smarter, more alert, farther ahead, better adjusted, and in every other way more advanced than other babies. Far healthier and happier too. I, myself, would be a stronger, more empowered, enlightened woman. All this would all be thanks to my careful planning...So, why haven't we learned as a culture to stop passing so much judgement? At this point in the conversation, why do we care so much what our fellow parents are doing anymore? Shouldn't we be busy nurturing our own families instead?"

I really love this workout from Dancing with Ashley and this yellow shirt and polka dot skirt combo.

And finally, this is the reason that my kids will sleep in cribs until they leave for college.

Have a great weekend!

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