February 28, 2014

kidbits: dumb **cks & star babies

Like any other two year old, my kids have developed their own language that they expect Husband and me to understand.  There are plenty of times when we have NO IDEA what they are saying and ask them to point to it or show us what it is they are talking about.  Holt, especially, becomes very frustrated because he is the child that MUST be understood.  He will repeat a word over and over and over and over (and over) until you've responded with the correct interpretation.  It's helpful to learn what he means, but there are times when I really wish he would just let it go and move on to something else.  Win is fantastic at that.

In life, Holt will get what he wants due to mere persistence and insistence patience.

Win will probably be a happier person, but satisfied with whatever is in front of him.

A while ago my mom told me a story about me when I was a toddler.  She's a good mom.  She wanted her kids to be independent and was always ready for a teaching/learning moment.  So she wasn't really one to baby or encourage baby talk.  The story she told me was that when I was little I said "lellow" instead of "yellow".  She loved it.  She didn't want that to change.  One day I went to swimming lessons and came back saying "yellow, yellow, yellow".  She told me she was heart broken.  I completely didn't get it at the time.

But now...I so get it.  There are so many times I don't understand them but then there are a few interpretations of words that I am adopting in hopes that they won't lose them.

MeeeMoh = Oatmeal

Shaeh (said a little nasaly and a whinier, longer version of 'meh') = giraffe
    There's big shaeh and little shaeh and giant shaeh...all stuffed animals of Holt's.  They don't call giraffes that anymore, but luckily those stuffed animals have adopted that name.

Eeesepeee = Led Zepplin (right now, this is their musical demand request of choice)

They also demand request to TURN UP eeesepeee when we're in the car. Win sings the words to Whole Lotta Love. "Waaaay don isside. Womo. You neee. Loooooooooooooo". I can tell you one thing, internet, I will NOT be explaining to them what a 'back door man' is. Will NOT.

efffen = elephant  (Win always follows this with a raspberry and raising his arm by his head.  Always.)

poosh = spoon

eee toes = eggs & toast

bee bee = baked beans

TAP = Captain America

nope = no (they seem to know this one well)

roc racoo be fen GOO = Rocket Raccoon and his best friend Groot

HI = throw the ball high

halaaa = throw the ball high enough to hit the ceiling

Anything that starts with a "p", Holt sticks his tongue out and starts it with a raspberry.  Pluto.  Please.  Sound like "Phphphpluto" and "phphphphphplease".  I realize that writing that phonetically doesn't really capture the entirety of my world at the moment, but you get the gist.

Then...there's truck.  At first it was cute.  They would drop them f-bomb, in lieu of truck, ALL THE TIME and we all thought it was hilarious.  But, I'm beginning to get a little self-conscious about it when we're in public.  We see A LOT of trucks and when they start yelling **CK **CK **CK **CK !!  while there are people around, I get a little red in the face.

**ck = truck

big **ck = big truck

fire **ck = fire truck

dumb **ck = dump truck

Can I tell you how great it is when they're yelling DUMB **CK DUMB **CK DUMB **CK DUMB **CK every time they see a garbage truck?

This last one is my absolute favorite.

It's my 'yellow'.

It's the one that I have adopted to ensure that they say it the rest of their lives.

Because it is fantastic.

staaa baabies = strawberries

Every time they play in their kitchen I make sure the strawberry is around so they can play and continue saying STAR BABIES STAR BABIES STAR BABIES.


  1. As always, your boys are adorable!

  2. I love how Led Zepplin is their first choice in music!! So great. I totally get what your mom was feeling as well. It goes by way too quickly and it's so fun for them to have those cute little "baby" phrases. :)

    1. Me too! Win has loved Led since before he could stand on his own. He has always danced to them. It's so funny!