January 13, 2014


Well...I'm already starting the year off a little behind. The whole family was sick between and after the holidays and I think we're all having a hard time adjusting to work and school...and life in general.

So that is my excuse for starting my 52 portraits a week late.

And...I might be cheating a bit seeing as I didn't take any pictures the first week of the year. So these pictures might be from before the new year. I have a feeling you will forgive me.

So here is the first installment of 52 portraits::an image of each of my children, once a week, for 52 weeks.



Holt watching some mind-numbing tv after waking up too early from a nap.

Win jumping in front of the camera while I was taking a picture of Holt.  He's been very interested in the camera and always wants to look at the back of all the pictures.


  1. Love this idea. Cannot wait for next ones.

  2. I'm with Sally! This is a great idea. The boys are growing so fast!