December 29, 2013

HWS18MOT: family

We could not have survived my pregnancy and the first 18 months (and counting) of our twins lives without family (or people who were willing to go above and beyond to help).

From the time I was put on bed rest we had all sorts of help. From Husband's brother driving down from Charlotte to help assemble the cribs; to my mom pretty much organizing the nursery while I supervised; to some friends helping Husband move the existing double bed and frame in the boys' room to our storage closet on New Year's Day. We took real advantage of people offering help and could not be more grateful.

I had a few moms (my sister-in-law and a couple of close friends) who were just a text away and willing to answer any and all questions I had. I asked them all sorts of things. They made me feel better when I thought I was doing an awful job. They commiserated with me about how hard the first few weeks and months are. They sent encouraging messages out of the blue that would make my day. One of them even made a laminated step-by-step instruction sheet on how to bathe a baby (something I was particularly freaked out about for some reason...a wiggly-slimy-fourandahalfpound-baby was the scariest foe I could imagine at the time...later it was the sleep reaper. He would take all your sleep and then mock you when the babies were sleeping and all you wanted to do was sleep but all you could do was think about sleep).

I have to thank my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and my own mother for mostly dressing the boys. Of course we have bought clothes for them, but my SIL has three boys, so we get some of the best hand-me-down play clothes and shoes. My MIL and mom have filled in a lot of the rest.

As the boys got older my parents were always willing to come down for an afternoon to watch the boys while Husband and I went on a day date. There was one day when my parents looked at us and said, "we want the boys once a month!" What an incredible gift. The best part is that they don't consider it a gift at all.

We are so grateful for all the help and support we have received.

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