November 02, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Witness the cuteness of Batman and Night Owl.

I'm sorry for all the similar pictures...but it was our first time trying to take pictures in public (we don't go many places...still) and we were a bit nervous.

The entire time Win (Batman) was coughing up a storm. Just coughing and coughing and coughing. Then I saw a piece of grass hanging out of his mouth and realized he had just tried to swallow it (way to go mom and dad).

Win was Batman. Holt was Night Owl. Who is Night Owl, you ask? Well see there are different universes of comic books. And the different universes have characters (at least that's what the hubs tells me). For example, Spiderman and Batman are not in the same universe and will not be in the same comic book (or so I'm told). So apparently, Batman is in the DC universe and Night Owl is a "batman-like-character" in another universe that's not DC or Marvel (written by the guy who wrote V for you didn't know that that was a comic book learn something new every day).

In other words (whew), our kids were the same thing for Halloween...just in different universes. Get it? Funny right?

Truth be told, I found a really awesome owl costume pattern from Martha Stewart (you can find it here) and the hubs came up with the rest. I found the batman insignia on pinterest and made the hats from this pattern. I made them with felt and probably should have used stretchy fabric...but I'm lazy. I added the ears free hand while the boys were napping and we watched our $2 copy of Reality Bites (I LOVE that movie).

The rest of the clothes we had and will still use after Halloween.

I'm pretty excited about our first Halloween. There was no trick-or-treating...but there will be plenty in the future. For the Perrys...we had an early usual.


  1. Loved Win & Holt's costumes. So cute. Oh, and huge fan of Reality Bites. Still get so excited whenever I hear My Sharona. :)

  2. LOVE their costumes!!! Oh my goodness. And don't worry...Charlie and Walker have swallowed their fair share of "nature" :-)

  3. The costumes are so cute and the pumpkins look amazing!

  4. I loveeee what you 2 did at your wedding. You're so right...after a while, it's like, ok!! no more talking!!