October 18, 2012

this is fantastic (pinterest edition)

We all know and love Pinterest. To me...such a genius idea. Keeps me organized (or...just helps me waste time). Here's some really fantastic recently pinned stuff.

I am a big fan of shopping early for Christmas gifts (as in shopping in July). When I see something that I think someone will like, I try to get it. Then I'm not scrambling 2 days before Christmas. I'm also a HUGE fan of exploiting my kids for my own gain kid-made Christmas gifts. I do think they're heartfelt and can sometimes be more meaningful than junk that's going to be thrown away in a year. Here is a great gift idea from theycallmedomestiCate

This is just fantastic.

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

Ninja's really do rule. While we're on this subject, you should check out two of my nephews' video..."Ninjandrew". It's pretty fantastic.

I'm sure these will be my kids one day (sorry family).


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