July 21, 2012

First race

You know what is not so great about racing with a double stroller? Running into the wind. It's amazing how much drag there is from a double.

You know what is really great about racing with twins? Everyone is super nice and supportive.

I got huge cheers when I crossed the finish line (it probably helped that
I am super slowthe wind slowed me down...ahem...and most people had already finished the race).

And I knew when people were talking about me because they would cheer "way to go mama!".



  1. Ahhhhh LOVE!!!! Way to go mama is right!!!! xoxo

  2. I could not imagine running right now, much less running with a double stroller. Way to go Mama indeed! :)

  3. It doesn't matter how you finished in the pack, you won! You ran a race pushing the boys, and crossed the finish line. You are a winner. And the boys will love you for it!! You are amazing.