July 23, 2012

twin time!

If you can believe it, the boys have twin girl cousins that are only six months older than they are.  It's crazy and really awesome.

The girls (and their parents) came down for a week of vacation and we got all four of them together for a little photo shoot.  Even though none of them are smiling, we SWEAR they're having a good time :).

This is Ainsley...and she is in charge :).



I have absolutely no idea how to photograph kids that aren't super familiar with me (they live 6 hours away and with both families having new twins, this is only the second time I've spent time with them)...I can barely get smiles out of my own two.  So...any good or funny pics were completely by happenstance.  I just kept clicking and hoping for the best.Image



Sweet Holt!  Doesn't it kind of look like he's looking in a mirror?  





Isn't Ainsley just a doll baby?




This is Carson.  Both of these girls know how to rock the pensive look.  They are such sweeties!

Image jokester Win.  Cutie-pa-tootie!



And...that was about all the good shots I got, haha!  It was a first try and nobody I call it a success!


{Edit} So sorry for all the exclamations. When re-reading this post, I annoyed myself I was so...happy. I also forgot to mention that I made the letter onesies for them using the freezer paper fabric paint method. I can see me using that for many years to come. It really does make super crisp graphics and only took about an hour to do all of them. I had to dye the boys' you know how hard it is to find colored onesies that aren't baby pink, baby blue, or $11.50 a piece? A 5-pack of onesies from TJ Maxx for $10 and a box of Rit Dye for $2.50 and you're set. It was super easy.

{Edit again} Make sure to wash the dyed onesies in hot water a bunch of times by themselves before you wash them with other stuff. Some of the boys' clothes now have blue splotches on them...oopsie. Good thing they don't care what they wear, haha.

July 21, 2012

First race

You know what is not so great about racing with a double stroller? Running into the wind. It's amazing how much drag there is from a double.

You know what is really great about racing with twins? Everyone is super nice and supportive.

I got huge cheers when I crossed the finish line (it probably helped that
I am super slowthe wind slowed me down...ahem...and most people had already finished the race).

And I knew when people were talking about me because they would cheer "way to go mama!".


July 18, 2012


I could just eat them up...

Win....I just spit up and I'm not too happy about tummy time, thank you very much.


hi mommy

Man...I look good.

The cutest babies EVER!!!! I'm just a bit biased.

July 17, 2012


I think there's going to be more of it in the perry household. We are so close to them sleeping twelve hours. Ahhhh.

This completely was supposed to have a picture attached...but it didn't work. Oh well.

July 04, 2012

4th of July and FIVE months

It's the fourth of boss' favorite holiday (there are no expectations for gifts or requirements to spend any time with family...we call him Bob-humbug around Christmas time).

It also happens to be 2 days after the boys five month birthday.

I know I say this every month, but I just can't believe they are five months old!!!

We had all sorts of lofty plans today...go for a run, try out the baby pool, walk on the beach, maybe even try out the big pool. But alas, sickness has struck the Perry household again. So, we'll just be hanging out indoors for now. It's super hot, too! That doesn't hurt the urge to stay inside. So, instead of being outside, the boys will nap...and I MAY just get some of those things done on my to-do list...hopefully!

For now...some updated pics of the boys.

They have both learned to ROLL OVER! And they both love their new exersaucer. It's very exciting to see them in that crazy contraption learning how to play with all the toys.

[caption id="attachment_1498" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Win[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1499" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Holt[/caption]