March 20, 2012

Almost 7 weeks


It's so crazy to think that the boys are almost 7 weeks old and we've been home for almost 6. My maternity leave is going by so quickly. And with all the craziness and sleep deprivation and crying (on all three of our parts), it has been pretty great.

We went to the beach again today and it was beautiful.




  1. They look so big! I can't believe how fast they are growing!!

  2. 7 weeks already? Wow, that did go by fast. Love the twin shirts, and how do you like the Boppy infant lounger? With our first, I just wore her or put her in her car seat carrier when I couldn't hold her those first few weeks. However, I know I won't be able to carry around two carriers all the time, and I've heard good things about the Boppy.

  3. Too cute!! Those shirts are fantastic. :)

  4. Right now the twins kind of live in their car seats because of reflux. Laying all the way down is not a happy time for them. I use the boppy for times when I need to put the down for a few minutes. Like when I'm changing ones diaper or washing my hands. I try not to put them in their car seats unless I'm not going to get them out for a while. If I'm by myself and feeding them (which is most of the time) sometimes I'll use the lounger. It all just depends. At some point the hubs and I decided that for right now convenience takes precedence over the amount of stuff we have. We also have two regular boppies to help with feeding and support when we're holding them. The more soft surfaces to lay them down on for a quick bit, the better for us right now.

    I read on your blog that your dr recommended you rest during the day. I cannot stress enough how important that is. I know you have a little one, but I do believe that I might not have gone into preterm labor had I listened to my dr and my body and taken it easy more often. I've never carried one, but I know that carrying twins is very hard on one's body.