March 08, 2012

a mention!

I have some super exciting news...

One of the weddings I've done paper for has been mentioned on a wedding blog! Yay! This is super exciting for me.

Please check it out at Chic to the Nines.

And thanks to the bride Nicole for being super creative and willing to take a chance on me! (it's an exclamation point kind of day, if you haven't noticed!!)

Happy Thursday!

And a sweet pic or two:


  1. LOVE. SO happy for both of us, haha!! :)

  2. PS- I wanted to tell you I am so so glad we got the opportunity to work together. I love every single piece of my wedding paper! You are so creative and amazing at what you do!

  3. Super exciting Heather!! CONGRATS!! And I love their little feet!