January 13, 2012

this is fantastic

I've been meaning to update all of you. I have pictures and things...ways I've been getting through each day of bed rest (which I have to say is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be...I'll let you know if I still agree with myself in two weeks).

But for now, I have a few pretty cool things.

Stop by here to find out how this room got from here:

When I previewed this post, it made me want to change things up....maybe I will!

Happy Friday!
to here:

Makes me want to try.

One day I would love a library that looks like this:

photo credit

I want business cards like these:

Really I just want a business like Steep Street (where the above business card came from). I think Kelty is awesome and you should check her out, too!

We can always dream, can't we.


  1. I like the library-- we went to the Chancellor's house for his annual Christmas shindig and the colleague I went with realized that the books on the shelves were sorted not by subject, title or author, but by shade so that they matched the decor... kind of interesting (but I think that it would make things much more difficult to find; now where did I put Little Women? I think that it's brown....) Glad that bedrest is treating you well! Keep cookin' boy-o's!