January 19, 2012

33 weeks and car seats

Here we are at 33 weeks!


Every week is a big success at the Perry household. All things at the Dr. are going well. Babies are good and mama is good. As soon as we get to 34 weeks, we are in a much better spot. Their lungs will be developed enough that they could be born at my local hospital and possibly not go to the NICU. That, of course, is my hope.

Another fun thing is that the hubs installed the car seats! Woohoo! I'm very excited about that. The nursery is on its way, pictures to follow very soon.



  1. YAyyy!! Lookin good mama!! I'm so happy the boys are staying put. One more week [at least]!!! You can do it boyssss!!! Love reading updates! xo and some more !!!!!!!! just for fun!

  2. The belly's getting to biiiig! Love it. Looks like lots of fun milestones this week. I just made it to 20 weeks and it feels like such a relief! :)