December 12, 2011

a few of my favorite things...

1...when the entire Nutcracker Suite comes on the classical NPR station.

2...when I'm in public and someone asks me when I'm due. I say in March and just wait for their face to always does. Then, I wait a few seconds and let them know I'm having twins. It's like my way at getting back at those people who call me the "f" word (yes, fat) or the ones that say I'm going to have "big babies" (which is the same as saying the "f" word, am I right?).

3...leggings. They are so much more comfortable than any type of structured pant (especially these pre-pregnancy cords I'm wearing right now). drapes for the babes' room.

5...when the babes move. I still think they're both breech, but I'm working hard on getting them to turn's very funny to watch. husband (who has a bit of a cold right now :( ) but is still super fantastic.

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