November 27, 2011

To the gym I go


To swim!  Some of the only working out I can do.  And it makes me feel weightless...a GLORIOUS feeling. 

Sweet Pea and Punkin say happy late Thanksgiving!  They enjoyed it immensely.


  1. Good for you! What kind of looks do you get at the gym? I always wonder about that. ;) The one thing I wish our gym had was a pool...I'm sure that will be pure bliss when I'm farther along like you!

  2. Interestingly enough, the gym has been super nice. I'm not a member currently (I have been in the past), but I emailed them to see if there was some option for me to just use the pool instead of paying for a whole membership. Lucky for me, the director's wife had twins recently and he understood my dilemma about only being able to swim and not use any of the other equipment. So, he cut me a deal to only use the pool, as a guest, in a pay per time deal. They have all been really nice. And for the most part, as I've noticed in most cases, people have been super nice. Another plus of pregnancy!