November 30, 2011

crafting space

What I wouldn't give for a crafting space that I could close up, without cleaning up, and open back up to work on. The furry critters in our house make it impossible to leave crafting projects out. I have a hard time starting a project, knowing I won't be able to finish it in one sitting. Then, I end up never starting it!

I would love one of these:

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Or goodness, what about this space?

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Unfortunately, all of these things take organization. I am so lacking in that department.

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I've heard that having multiples makes one super efficient and organized. I'll take anything right now. Just yesterday, on our way to dinner after a dr. appt, the hubs and I were talking about how I lose stuff all the time. Just then, the lab called and said I had left the ultrasound DVD at their counter. Oh timing!


  1. Do you have a closet that you could re-purpose in this way? Much like your post saying that it's important to have space and time to do the things you love (in regards to running) in order to nourish yourself and thereby be more able to care for those you love, I'd encourage you to think about building yourself a space like this for crafting-- a place that you could close up, and when the time comes, put a baby proof knob thing on the door. Maybe Smitty could help you with the organization piece-- you do the design? I'm so glad that you're already thinking of ways that you can care for yourself in order to be the best Mama and wife. You're looking fantastic, btw!

  2. Such a neat concept! I would LOVE something like that as well and I love the idea of the commenter above about repurposing a closet (if only I had an extra one of those lying around ;) ).