October 30, 2011

polaroid action

Have you heard about this polaroid action?

I love actions for photoshop...but I'm not going to lie...they are freaking expensive. I can not afford to buy any at the moment, but there are a few that I've tried for free that I love. Oh...if only I could afford the Kubota Actions (I tried them in a free trial for 30 days...they are AMAZING!).

If you have no idea what I'm talking about...Photoshop actions are a recorded sequence of events that, once you press play, will just "happen" to your image. They can do really cool things, most of which I only use at a very low opacity. But you can get some pretty awesome stylized effects too.

One that I LOVE is the Polaroid Generator. It will take any image you have and make it look like a polaroid. There's something about making something new look old that can be nice...and overdone, but nice all the same.

Here are a few examples:

I really love this one. It's Time Zero Expired.

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