October 03, 2011

past week 16

Well, we're (the three of us) past week 16. We're on to week 18 tomorrow, but I need to give you a view of what week 16 was like. Because then I'm going to show you week 18.5. And whoa it's different. It felt like the babes were growing like crazy in there...looked like it too.

But for now, here's week 16.

"My energy has come back some what and I've made a point of doing everything I can do now for your welcome to the world before I get so big I can't do anything at all. I'm slowly collecting baby things: clothes, cloth diapers, a changing dresser, a handmade mobile, ideas...I've put off the knitting until the time comes when the only thing I'll be able to do is knit. I know that time will come. For I while, I thought I was feeling your little feeties fluttering in the deep dark belly. But I haven't felt you in a while, which means, it probably wasn't you. I said to your dad the other night that I have some moments when I feel like I'm ready to meet you...NOW. He took a moment to give me a funny look and express that he was glad that we still had about 5 months to go. I am too, but I'm ready too."

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