September 12, 2011


Ok.  Now that we're past the initial shock of "holy @#$@^$ we're having twins!"  I'm on to the phase of....what do I NEED and how many?  And really....what do I really really need?

That second one is a harder question than the first.

Do I need to cribs immediately?

Do I need that baby crib alarm if my twins aren't moving or breathing (which would require them to be in two separate cribs)?

Do I need two of everything!?!? (by the way, I REFUSE to have two of everything)

Can I buy a used crib...even though they literally JUST changed all the crib standards.  (Do I sometimes think that ratings agencies (any sort of ratings agency) are in cahoots with the manufacturer of whatever product they rate and make new standards ever so often so people have to buy new stuff?...yes...yes I do, but I digress again.  This happens all the time now) This doesn't mean that I won't get safe cribs.  I will...I promise, please don't hurt me.  But when you're buying for two, at the same time, you've got to think about what is really worth buying brand spanking new.

Do I need one of those video monitors?

Do I have time to make all the things I want to make for these babes?

Right now, I have no answers to these questions.  I will continue to do research and then, eventually, make decisions (not my strong suit).

But I do have some inspiration!

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  1. Heather...well I was so excited to read your news! And twins? Really? So happy for you.

    You did an awesome job on Nik's invites. I know folks are going to be super impressed with your talents.

    Yours in all things creative.....C.