September 30, 2011

project babies

I've been reading blogs of women who are crafty and mommies for a while now.

I've been inspired by all the amazing women who exist. One of whom is Miranda. She introduced the idea of a baby photo project to me when she had her second child. You can see it here. She got her inspiration from here and here.

I knew I wanted to document this pregnancy....especially since I found out I am having TWINS!

So, here I go. I meant to take pictures on a schedule...that hasn't really worked out. I'm taking the pictures myself, which is an interesting feat. I shall have a tutorial on that soon.

So, here we go with project babies!

A bit of a journal entry:
"It's week seven and the only symptom I have is a super-di-duper sense of smell. In fact, I think I knew I was pregnant with you days before the test because I could smell EVERYTHING. One night, I got out of bed thinking I smelled burning toast. I ventured into the dark kitchen only to find out that nothing was burning, the oven was not on...I was smelling bread that had been toasted hours before. I knew something was up. I haven't seen the doctor yet, but I'm excited to. I'm a little scared little babe, but I'm ready."

September 21, 2011

magazine mirror

I will be making this for the babes' room. I'm excited!


September 18, 2011

lovely wedding invitations

I am so proud to show you the latest wedding invitation I've done. Nicole approached me after being recommended by a mutual friend that I used to dance with (also did her wedding paper that you can see here...just kidding. I haven't posted about it, which is just wrong. I will get on that ASAP).

I love doing custom wedding paper. Sometimes a girl just can't find exactly what she's looking for (I have that problem ALL.THE.TIME. Just ask the hubs how long it took us to find the PERFECT nursery chair). So, if I get to help someone express themselves in wedding paper just as they wish, I get super excited.

Please make sure to go to Nicole's Blog. It's super cute and the way she and her hubs-to-be got together is just the best.

I know...get on with it already. Here are her wedding invites. I wanted to wait until she sent them out so that I wouldn't ruin a surprise (considering my first trimester was full of hunger and nausea, that wasn't that hard, unfortunately...but now...the energy is back and I'm taking advantage of it!).

I love the colors! Green, purple, brown. The flower shape is actually taken from a metal glider that her fiance bought for her when he proposed (or it was an early Christmas gift that he proposed on...I think. Sorry if I got that part wrong Nicole). Nicole wanted something from that glider to be on the invites. Something personal, which is what these are all about. These are all her...I just did the photoshopping!

I also really love the flower shaped maps/accommodations card. I think it so matches with the theme.

Hope you all have had a beautiful weekend. It's been grey at the seashore, but I've had a chance to get a TON done. I feel so productive!

September 12, 2011


Ok.  Now that we're past the initial shock of "holy @#$@^$ we're having twins!"  I'm on to the phase of....what do I NEED and how many?  And really....what do I really really need?

That second one is a harder question than the first.

Do I need to cribs immediately?

Do I need that baby crib alarm if my twins aren't moving or breathing (which would require them to be in two separate cribs)?

Do I need two of everything!?!? (by the way, I REFUSE to have two of everything)

Can I buy a used crib...even though they literally JUST changed all the crib standards.  (Do I sometimes think that ratings agencies (any sort of ratings agency) are in cahoots with the manufacturer of whatever product they rate and make new standards ever so often so people have to buy new stuff?...yes...yes I do, but I digress again.  This happens all the time now) This doesn't mean that I won't get safe cribs.  I will...I promise, please don't hurt me.  But when you're buying for two, at the same time, you've got to think about what is really worth buying brand spanking new.

Do I need one of those video monitors?

Do I have time to make all the things I want to make for these babes?

Right now, I have no answers to these questions.  I will continue to do research and then, eventually, make decisions (not my strong suit).

But I do have some inspiration!

September 05, 2011

Here we go...

I'm not sure how to start this post. I haven't written in a long.....long time. Ive been thinking about this...thinking about how to actually say this. I've needed to get over the shock and surprise of what I'm about to say.

I'll start with this....

Things were great. The hubs and I found out that I'm pregnant. It was a bit sooner than we expected, but we were both super excited. I found out 4 weeks or so. And I was anxious about going to the doctor, making sure everything was ok.

The hubs and I went to my first prenatal appointment when I was 10 weeks...I mean. I had known for six weeks and it felt like forever. I didn't want to tell anyone because I had witnessed others go through miscarriages and I just don't like to express grief in front of others. That's just me. I don't fault any woman for disclosing pregnancy information whenever she wants's her prerogative...I digress.

I'm going to be honest...the entire 6 weeks I was thinking exactly is, "I really hope it's just one.". Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against twins. My mother is a twin. My husband has fraternal twin brothers (I know what you're runs in the family). I was nervous. This would be our first child and the thought of more than one was scary. To be honest, the thought of just one was pretty scary, but I felt like we were up to the task.


We go to the doctor and have an ultrasound...and sure enough...the first the thing doctor says is," have two"






It echoed in my head. And there they were...they were babies. They didn't look like beans or aliens or anything that I had seen in my pregnancy books. They had arms and legs and beating hearts and brains. It was one of the craziest, most amazing things I've ever seen.

I would love to conclude this story by saying that I fell in love with them immediately and I wasn't freaked out any more. Well folks...that is just darn wrong.

The hubs and I went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant...because that's what we do when something exciting happens...and I couldn't eat. I felt sort of sick. The feeling sick was normal...I've had some pretty amazing nausea. But the not being able to eat was not. Ive been ravenously hungry the entire pregnancy. I was in a sort of shock that I'd never felt before. The idea of being responsible for two beings inside of me was a bit too much at the time.

And, to be honest, the coming to grips with what I had to give for these humans. I knew I wouldn't be able to drink any more. That was a given (as my mother-in-law would say). I knew I would have to eat more and eat more healthful foods. I was kind of excited about that. I knew I would gain some weight...less exited about that, but willing for a healthy baby.

But with Rachel from says...Twins are different. No more running for me. Eating and gaining weight have multiplied by a ton ( exaggeration, but that's what it feels like). I'm so tired ALL THE TIME. I thought I used to go to bed early, 10pm. Now, I'm happy to go to bed at 9... Though most nights I'd prefer 8.

There were days when i would be a bit resentful. Giving so much of myself and my body for these fetuses. The worst part about all of that is that I felt guilty for feeling that way. Which compounded the problem. With some help of a couple of books geared specifically for multiple pregnancies, I have come to grip with those feelings and accepted them.

That's another reason I haven't visited and shared in a while. I wasn't ready to be positive. And i wasn't ready to admit that I was feeling any negativity.

So now...I can say..I'm having twins!!!

And I only feel like this a little bit....


This is what Charli thinks...


You can tell she's super excited.

Hope everyone had a happy Labor Day!