March 21, 2011

another week

Didn't this weekend just fly by? It was so beautiful here, but it felt like it was over in two hours.

When I think back to this weekend, I can't really remember anything I did. I know I went to Michaels, I know I had to work a bit last's like one of those nights where you go to sleep and you wake up 3 minutes later, only to find out it's the morning.

Today I'd like to share something I came across last week. I am a HUGE fan of Jessica Claire Photography. She has a wide array of work. Some is very nice wedding and engagement work...other work is like this...

A black swan / white swan art shoot. I love this. I love the fact that it's a wedding shoot AND a ballet shoot. I really do believe ballerinas have some of the most beautiful (albeit waif-life) bodies to work with.

The plan for today was to get the pictures of the hub's cousin's wedding up during lunch today. It didn't work out.

Hopefully tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

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