March 25, 2011

a beautiful day

Finally...a post about the wedding.

Location. Buena Vista Winery and Vineyards
Date. 03.12.2011
Weather. FABULOUS!

This was just a beautiful, fantastic day. This wedding was special...meaningful...personal. The bridesmaids processed to "Somebody to Love" by Queen (performed by Vitamin String Quartet). The bride walked down the aisle to "Storybook Love", which happens to be the theme from one of my favorite movies: "The Princess Bride". Awesome-sauce! (thank you Parks & Rec for that lovely saying).

Tucker had planned EVERY DETAIL. Every person who attended or had anything to do with the service was a close family friend. Everything had purpose, place, and meaning.

FYI...for some reason, these pictures turn out super long and out of proportion in internet explorer. I'm going to advocate for using Google Chrome anyway...but at least use Firefox to view this blog.

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  1. Oh my gosh...these photos are OUTstanding!! You really captured the day. So impressed!