January 31, 2011

round 7 ----- FIGHT!!!!!

Today....I took my test. We'll see. That's all I have to say. After those stupid things, I always feel like I've been beat up. It was almost 5 hours and it was a doozy. The question is...who won? Was it me? Or the test? I will have to wait and see.

For now, I have more pictures with more actions. I've been enjoying these A LOT. I think my free trial is about to run out on the kubota actions and I'm super, super sad.

These are from the shoot I did with my beautiful friend, Mary Beth, and her beautiful boyfriend, Kenny. I think the retouched ones are fabulous. Ahhh....if only I could do this everyday.

They are all subtle changes, but those are the ones I like the most.

I don't have the original to this one. Not sure why. But the next two are both "actioned" up.

And the Piece de resistance (my fav)

PS. If you don't want to see the SAME PICS up with different actions applied every week, YOU SHOULD HIRE ME TO PHOTOGRAPH YOU!!!! :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. LOVE these photos!!! Amazing job! Fingers crossed for your last test!! miss you love :)

  2. You have an eye for what makes a good photo! good job!