January 27, 2011

a few photos

I'm playing hookie today....well, not all day.

I've studied. I studied on the way to work (don't tell anyone) and I studied during lunch. And whenever my work computer froze, (stupid autocad) I tested myself on flashcards. I did study today.

And work was crazy. We have a project due tomorrow that I messed up and had to kind of fix (though it wasn't quite fixed, sorry government) and another consultant was asking for stuff from me via email ALL. DAY. TODAY.

So, I deserve a break, dangit. I've had a chocolate russian (ok, maybe two) and I've been editing photos.

And it's be SO MUCH FUN. Why do I love it so? I do.

So, I've got a few that I'm going to share. You've seen these originals before, but I've been playing with actions. And let me tell you....there's been some action! Oh, lots of action going on in my "office" tonight. It's been a great time.

I'm still using my 30-day trial of the Kubota (which will end any day now, sigh). But I've picked up some FREE actions from Pioneer Woman. She's pretty awesome. You can find her actions here.

So here are a few. I couldn't now tell you which actions I used for which (did you forget about the TWO chocolate russians?) you need to remember that the first image was the one I edited without actions...the second with actions.

This one is my favorite!

And, that's all for me tonight. Off to bed at 10, because I'm old....and, well, don't forget about the chocolate russians (which I keep spelling like russions). Have a fantabulous Friday!


  1. What a difference! So what are actions? Are they simple to use (this is coming from someone with the most basic Photoshop know-how)? Thanks for allowing me to pick your brain!

  2. Hey there -

    Actions are premanufactured sequences of events in photoshop that you can buy or get for free sometimes. Some are for maintenance like lightening or sharpening a photo, but some are for some pretty crazy effects. It's nice because you pull out your action pallette in photoshop and press "play" on the one you want to run, and it just does MAGIC. They are my new favorite thing.

  3. Hmmm.... Good to know. Thanks for the mini-tutorial. The pictures are gorgeous by the way.