January 31, 2011

round 7 ----- FIGHT!!!!!

Today....I took my test. We'll see. That's all I have to say. After those stupid things, I always feel like I've been beat up. It was almost 5 hours and it was a doozy. The question is...who won? Was it me? Or the test? I will have to wait and see.

For now, I have more pictures with more actions. I've been enjoying these A LOT. I think my free trial is about to run out on the kubota actions and I'm super, super sad.

These are from the shoot I did with my beautiful friend, Mary Beth, and her beautiful boyfriend, Kenny. I think the retouched ones are fabulous. Ahhh....if only I could do this everyday.

They are all subtle changes, but those are the ones I like the most.

I don't have the original to this one. Not sure why. But the next two are both "actioned" up.

And the Piece de resistance (my fav)

PS. If you don't want to see the SAME PICS up with different actions applied every week, YOU SHOULD HIRE ME TO PHOTOGRAPH YOU!!!! :)

Have a wonderful week!

January 27, 2011

a few photos

I'm playing hookie today....well, not all day.

I've studied. I studied on the way to work (don't tell anyone) and I studied during lunch. And whenever my work computer froze, (stupid autocad) I tested myself on flashcards. I did study today.

And work was crazy. We have a project due tomorrow that I messed up and had to kind of fix (though it wasn't quite fixed, sorry government) and another consultant was asking for stuff from me via email ALL. DAY. TODAY.

So, I deserve a break, dangit. I've had a chocolate russian (ok, maybe two) and I've been editing photos.

And it's be SO MUCH FUN. Why do I love it so? I do.

So, I've got a few that I'm going to share. You've seen these originals before, but I've been playing with actions. And let me tell you....there's been some action! Oh, lots of action going on in my "office" tonight. It's been a great time.

I'm still using my 30-day trial of the Kubota (which will end any day now, sigh). But I've picked up some FREE actions from Pioneer Woman. She's pretty awesome. You can find her actions here.

So here are a few. I couldn't now tell you which actions I used for which (did you forget about the TWO chocolate russians?) you need to remember that the first image was the one I edited without actions...the second with actions.

This one is my favorite!

And, that's all for me tonight. Off to bed at 10, because I'm old....and, well, don't forget about the chocolate russians (which I keep spelling like russions). Have a fantabulous Friday!

January 23, 2011

all i do is talk about the weather...

It's because it's CRAZY down here. You must understand where I live.

I live in the South. Below the Mason-Dixon line. It was 100 degrees in June last year. In August, it gets so hot and humid that there are black flag days...days when you shouldn't go outside if you can help it.

And in this same place....SNOW. Snow THREE TIMES THIS YEAR (well since Christmas, which is close enough to being 2011).

And this one was a doozy. It snowed basically all day yesterday. I studied, it kept snowing. We walked around...and it kept snowing. Officially, the word was 5". But in some places, the snow came up to the middle of my shins.

It was a perfect time to take some photos. There was a bit of an impromptu shoot with the hubs and me.

I set my camera to take multiple shots on a delay...I miscounted.

Our lovely neighbors saw us taking pictures and wanted some of their own. They are awesome!

And...the beach. The hubs took this one...pretty good.

He also got me with a snowball....THANKS!

I love it here. By the end of the day...the roads were clear.

Happy beginning of the week! A week from tomorrow, I take my last test. What am I going to do with all that free time?!?!?!

January 12, 2011

I thought I lived at the beach?





This one will be short and sweet (must get back to the studying).  A coworker and I just attended a seminar for my LAST, THAT'S RIGHT LAST exam. We returned to this the day after we got home.  Last I checked, I live at the the south.

January 03, 2011

it's been too long

and it's going to be even longer folks.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I am sad to see them go, but I am glad that every day the daylight will last just a few minutes longer.

I have been quite absent. I apologize. I have been studying. And I will be studying. For what used to seem like forever, the time has come to study for my LAST (hopefully) test. I'm going to a killer seminar this weekend with my former Structures professor and am planning to take this last test the end of January, beginning of February. I'm ready. I can't tell you how ready I am. I do have a few pictures for you.

It snowed here at the beach. I know, crazy, right? But it did. Only an inch and it lasted less than a day....but it snowed.

So here are some pics.

I've been playing with some Kubota trial actions in photoshop recently and they have made me happy. I wish I could buy them!!!! For now, I have 30 days to try. I always do these things at the wrong times. I have 30 free days, but am going to be in study land for the entirety. Oh well.....