December 05, 2010

dare to...give homemade gifts

Well friends....this post is a little risky. You see, I'm about to post a handmade gift...that I'm going to be giving to someone. Good news is, I'm positive the person doesn't read my blog. So I'm safe.

Another post for the Dare to DIY blog party the Newly Woodwards are hosting. This week (or the past few months) I made a scarf.

The pattern is a free...that's right FREE... pattern I found on that you can find here. If you're a knitter and are looking for a community of knitters, Ravelry is the place to be. It's a super cool databasing site that can help you organize your own work, as well as meet other people who love textile and yarn crafts.

This is a simple Lace scarf and it knitted super quickly. I'm a big fan of the super quick projects. I still have a yoga mat bag that is no where near the finish line. It's taking FOREVER.

These pictures were taken before blocking, but as you can see, it has a nice structure to it. No real curling on the edges unless you pick it up.

By the way....I'm not sure if anyone else watches Gene Simmon's Family Jewels on A&E, but if you do, the new season is starting TONIGHT at 9pm. I have to say that I freaking love this show. The hubs and I always catch the marathons on the weekends and could watch them for hours. It is SO funny. We have just become official watchers and put it on our DVR. I have to say I'm a bit excited.


  1. that was super quick!? wow nice job! I'm a paper/ribbon/feather kind of crafter but I would love to get into the yarn scene :) happy holidays!

  2. Cuuuute!! I love DIY gifts...but mine are usually edible, hehe ;)

  3. This is just lovely. i love the color and the lacey look. But it still looks like it's extra warm. Thanks for linking to Dare to DIY this week. I really love seeing your project. You are inspiring me to pick up the crochet hook again. Knitting wasn't my thing, but I love yarn. ;)