November 29, 2010

dare cookies

Now...these may not be the most beautiful cookies you've ever seen. But I promise you, they will be the favorite at any cookie swap. I got and modified this recipe from Paula Dean. And if you know anything about Paula, you know that she loves sweet stuff, butter, and putting as many rich ingredients together as possible.

So here we go.

I call these the hamburger cookies. You'll see why in a minute.

You start off with peanut butter chocolate cookies you can get from the grocery store (any brand will do) and refrigerated sugar cookie dough (and yes, I know that I should probably be making these from scratch, but I have a REALLY good reason not to).

You take the refrigerated cookie dough and cut it into SUPER thin slices. I try to stay around 1/4" (this is why it's so much easier to have the pre-made dough, than making it from scratch). Super cold (almost frozen) dough and a sharp knife work best for this process. I could have gotten one large cookie dough roll, but with two smaller ones I can work with one while the other one is in the freezer. Makes them much easier to work with.

This time I lined my sheet pans with parchment paper instead of wax paper (worked MUCH better) and laid down one layer of the sugar cookie dough.

I quarter the peanut butter cookies and lay one on top of each layer.

Then I top all of those with another layer of the sugar cookie dough (this is when they look like hamburgers to me.

This is the time that you squish both layers of cookie dough around the peanut butter cookie to seal the peanut butter and chocolate inside so it doesn't ooze out while baking (this is key. why would you want to lose any of that yummy goodness inside?).

Now that that's done, you just put it in a 350 degree oven for 16-20 minutes. And Voila!

I didn't pretty these up any because my family cookie swap is not for a couple of weeks. So these puppies are headed to the freezer to keep. I put them in freezer bags and lay them like a charm.

Thanks Paula Dean! And enjoy these cookies. Don't forget to check out Dare to DIY. It's been a ton of fun so far!


  1. Love Paula and these cookies look like my cup o' tea. Thanks for linking them up. I think I've gotta try them.

  2. Now I'm hungry for delicious cookies :(

  3. Holy hell those look amazing.
    How are you going to pretty 'em up?