October 31, 2010

wedding - Anita & Craig - Eastern North Carolina

Yesterday I shot a wedding of a friend and coworker. I was super nervous, this being my first wedding and all. I think I hid it well, though. All in all, my camera and I made it through together unscathed, and Anita and Craig got hitched...without a hitch.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Very simple. Their children walked in first, then Anita and Craig followed...together, holding hands. All they needed was love...and it was abundant yesterday.

Afterward, just Anita, Craig, and I took a walk to a covered bridge (one of the only ones in Lenoir County). What a beautiful end to a beautiful day.


  1. Look at you go!!! Great job :)

  2. Thanks! This is what happens when you force your services on your friends, haha!