October 17, 2010

the chair

as mentioned previously, I bought a used chair last weekend.

I was super excited about it. It was a rocker with an ottoman (that had really cool legs).

[caption id="attachment_436" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="imagine that the cusions are actually full. I get excited and then remember to take pictures."][/caption]

The plan was to refinish the chair, reupholster the cushions and put it in our guest room.

I sanded it down with my trusty sander I got for $1 at a jumble sale.

Then I started staining with a stain/poly combo I already had from refinishing the cabinets in our bathroom.

This is after the first coat.

After two more coats of stain, it looked like this!

I was super excited. I love the look of dark, shiny wood.

Turns out, we really didn't have enough room for it in the guest room. So....I'm selling it. If you're's available and super awesome!

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