October 04, 2010

another q-t-pi onesie

So, I must be at the age where everyone I know is having babies...cause they are. In the past year 10 people I know (from my sister-in-law to my yoga teacher to a great friend) have all had babies. So, I've been to a lot of showers and given a lot of baby gifts (which I have not minded at all). The first onesies I made were given to a pair of good friends with a bit of rock-star personalities.

This one is also made for some friends who are rock stars themselves. They adopted a baby who is now about 6 months old AND birthed a baby who is now a couple of months old. They get rock star status for that...and a onesie!

Isn't it just so cute? The question I ask every time I make one of these is how are humans ever this small? I just don't get it.

The "S" was the hardest letter. All those curves. Hopefully, I'll get better at those.

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