September 08, 2010

GOODBYE EARL!!! (yes, you may start singing the Dixie Chicks song...cause you probably can't help it)

You might know that we had a threat of a hurricane down here in Eastern NC. The hubs and I were evacuated from our tiny little island. We had to tote the cats to a motel on the mainland. Let me tell you how NOT fun that was.

But we're safe and sound, thank goodness. Actually, the storm's bark was much worse than its bite. By the time it was anywhere near us, it was a category two (which is just a joke to us) and we ended up getting a 1/2" of rain. Boo hiss Earl!!!!!

Anywho, here are some pics from the day and then from this weekend.
[caption id="attachment_215" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="black flag day means ABSOLUTELY NO SWIMMING!"][/caption]

And then, it was beautiful, as it always is after a hurricane.

[caption id="attachment_208" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="beautiful, yet i still studied for those stupid tests (more on those later)"][/caption]

All in all, not a terrible weekend. It was our first anniversary. We had a picnic on Monday much like the one we had on our honeymoon...bread, cheese, wine, grapes. It doesn't get much better than that. Now back to work!!!

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